Emily Lantz

Emily Lantz

December 1, 2023

Hi, I’m Emily Lantz.

I was asked to pick a quote that describes me best, and I came up with two. What can I say? I have my moments.

Hello, I’m a native of Columbia City, and for the past decade, this community has been my home. My journey in life has been shaped by my unwavering passion for helping others and simplifying their lives. Beyond the confines of my career, I find joy in discussing my family and expressing my creativity in various ways. My father was an accountant; he started the company I work for today. He was a stoic family man who went above and beyond to serve others. He’s my hero, and I want to honor his legacy.

Presently, I’m diligently working toward the completion of my bachelor’s degree. This path I’m on, it’s a family legacy. While some may say that graphic design wasn’t my calling, accounting has always been my anchor. I thrive on delving into complex financial puzzles and assisting people in resolving challenges that have eluded them.

I’m an accountant by trade, but my role goes beyond just numbers. My work revolves around supporting my big “bro” Ben (Romine, as in Romine Group CPAs), but more importantly, it’s about serving our clients. The relationships I build with our clients are at the heart of what I do. These connections drive me professionally and keep me deeply rooted in my family’s traditions.

Each day, the desire to make life easier for our clients and the link to my father’s legacy brings me back with enthusiasm and purpose. Care to connect? I’ll bring my adding machine and ledger paper. J.K., I’m not that boring.

But if you want to set up some time to talk, book a quick meeting with me here:


P.S. “Just keep swimming,” ~Dory