Our clients’ experience in the Agriculture and real Estate space or any small business starts with a conversation about vision and challenges. We aim to incorporate our long-standing core values into every relationship as we offer and guide you down a path that achieves your goals and avoids potential risks.

The Romine Group works with our clients in two capacities, regardless of your industry.


The first capacity is for those solely looking for short-term project work. In some cases, what The Romine Group offers is based on the status of your current financial shape, and you may need help digging yourself out of a hole. It could be guiding you through compliance with a significant purchase, evaluation of your business, or maybe something centered around an acquisition. Whatever it is, you likely won’t surprise us; we’ve been at this for a while.


There are five tax deadlines throughout the year. There’s the year-end payroll, the farmer’s Deadline, the Corporations and partnerships Deadline, obviously the individual Deadline, and finally, in May, the personal property tax returns are due. This doesn’t include regular bookkeeping or payroll processing.

With most of our Agriculture customers hiring us for full-time work rather than project-based work, all of our clients hire The Romine Group for the very same reason every time: we get them.

A Guide with a Plan

Sometimes, our clients face dire challenges such as losing potential acres on their farm, going bankrupt, or, simply put, the farm ends with their generation. Other clients know the potential to keep the farm in the family, expansion, growth & acquisition, and an upcoming retirement. At The Romine Group, we not only offer our services as a guide for our clients, but we’re here to give them a plan to avoid or mitigate those dire circumstances and achieve success.

Are you ready for a plan?